Election FAQs

Hughson’s general municipal election is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even numbered years. The date of the next election is November 5, 2024. The Mayor and Council Members are elected at-large on a non-partisan basis. The Mayor is elected to a four-year term; Council Members are elected to four-year terms. All Council Members enjoy the same power and privileges; however, the Mayor presides over Council meetings, signs official documents, and officiates at ceremonies and events.


What is on the November 5, 2024 ballot?

Notice of Election - 2024

What compensation does City Council receive?

Council members receive compensation of $250.00 per month and the Mayor $300.00 per month for their respective services.

When can I pull nomination papers?

The nomination period runs from July 15 until August 9, 2024.  If an eligible incumbent has not filed on the last day of the nomination period, the voters shall have until August 9, 2024, to nominate candidates other than the person who was the incumbent on August 14, 2024.

Is there anything I can do before the nomination period opens?

Before a candidate raises any money a Form 501 (Candidate Intention Statement) must be filed with the City Clerk's office. If a candidate intends to raise or spend less than $2,000, a Form 470 (Office Holder and Candidate Campaign Statement - Short Form), must be filed with the City Clerk's office.

Is there a fee to pay when I file my nomination papers?

No. However, there is a fee to pay if you choose to file a candidate statement. However, this fee is determined by the Registrar of Voters office, not the City, and the amount varies with each election.

What if I change my mind about being a candidate after I have filed my nomination papers?

You may withdraw your candidacy any time prior to the close of the nomination period. If you choose to withdraw after that date, your name will appear on the ballot.

When officeholders or candidates receive contributions of $2,000 or more, are they required to have a committee?

Yes. An officeholder or candidate who receives contributions (including loans) that total $2,000 or more in a calendar year must file a Form 410 (Statement of Organization).

If I use only my own money do I still need to file campaign statements?

If you chose not to solicit contributions of more than $1,000, and do not anticipate spending $2,000 or more during the calendar year, a  Form 470 (Office Holder and Candidate Campaign Statement - Short Form) must be filed with the City Clerk's office.

Why is there so much paperwork involved in running for office?

State law requires that you file the appropriate materials to ensure that you are fully disclosing all information pertinent to your candidacy. The purpose of the requirements is to ensure a fair and democratic electoral process.

Where can I get more information?

The City Clerk's office is responsible for overseeing the City's general municipal election. The phone number is (209) 448-0536.