Code Enforcement

  • Enforcement Complaints

  • Weed Abatement

  • Graffiti Abatement

  • Vehicle Abatement

  • Common Code Violations

If you would like to report a concern, or possible violation, please submit your request on SeeClickFix, or reach out to the Code Enforcement Officer. We will investigate the matter and provide feedback as to whether or not the condition or matter complies with existing Hughson Municipal Code Regulations.

Please note, unless otherwise stated, your complaints are always confidential. 

Common Code Violations:

  • Accumulation of junk and debris in public view in residential and commercial areas;
  • Illegal home occupations;
  • Inoperable or abandoned vehicles on private and public property;
  • Hazardous and overgrown vegetation which can be a fire hazard;
  • Vacant and unsecured properties;
  • Parking violations on unimproved surfaces such as landscaped areas.

The Following ARE NOT Enforced by Code Enforcement:

  • Property line disputes;
  • Trees on private property that overhang, encroach upon, or cause damage to a neighboring private property;
  • Neighbor or civil disputes that do not violate adopted codes;
  • Tenant/Landlord disputes.