About Hughson

Old cars and buildings




In 1882, Hiram Hughson arrived in this area and purchased 1,000 acres for a grain ranch and gradually came to own nearly 5,000 acres. In the early 1900’s, the San Joaquin Railroad purchased land from Mr. Hughson for their tracks and developed a stop, which became known as the Hughson Stop.

In the surrounding areas new settlements began to spring up, such as Ceres and Denair. As a result, Hiram Hughson could demand a better price for his land. It was in 1907 that he placed his land in the hands of the Hughson Town Company, under the direction of Charles Flack and C.W. Minniear. John Tully, who owned a section of land to the south of Hughson, also opened up his land for settlement. It was then that the town of Hughson was born. Hughson remained a township until December 9th, 1972 when it was incorporated into a City.



Hughson is the newest city in Stanislaus County. Hughson’s character and identity comes from its agricultural roots; it is surrounded by agricultural fields and orchards, as well as several large agricultural businesses. Over 7,000 live in the City, with thousands on the periphery calling Hughson their home.

Hughson is a desirable place to live because it is known as a safe city with a community oriented atmosphere. Additionally, Hughson maintains the lowest crime rate in the county, and the best roadways (pavement condition). The City’s downtown, which includes several 100 year old buildings, has quaint charm. It is also experiencing significant revitalization efforts and is home to many popular restaurants and a renowned furniture store. The City has several large businesses and is working with all business owners to grow their businesses and prospective business owners to open and be successful in the City.

The community follows its high school sports closely and is proud of the student athletes that have been through the program—and the championships they have won. In addition, the high school has produced award winning Future Farmers of America and most recently Academic Decathlon teams demonstrating its commitment to academic excellence. Hughson also holds many prominent community events, including the Hughson Fruit and Nut Festival, a farmers’ market, Christmas Parade, Light up the Town Christmas Light event, Operation Santa, citywide National Night Out events as well as parades for Halloween and Homecoming.